welcome to tandem weddings

This blog has been long in the works (at least in my brain) so I’m really pleased that I finally sat down for long enough to start this.  A little background about me (seems like I’m supposed to do that, right?) before I get to the good stuff.  I’ll put it in bulleted form so we can get to the real blogging as quickly as possible:

  • Northern California native (Berkeley, to be exact)
  • Moved to LA to go to school (UCLA; left the day after graduation)
  • Moved to Brooklyn in the fall of 2007, fell in love with it
  • Spent 3.5 years in criminal justice public policy; also planned a lot of corporate events
  • Realized all I’ve ever want to do is plan weddings
  • Started planning weddings professionally
  • Started this blog
That’s all you really need to know about me, I guess.  Okay there’s a little more to this story, but I really want to actually post interesting things while I still have 7 more minutes of free time.

Oh. Why ‘tandem weddings’? Because I don’t like wedding planners that take everything into their own hands and create their own wedding with no input from the client.  In reaction to the ever-more-extreme wedding extravaganzas with millions of production professionals, I promised myself that I would only create tandem weddings.  Side-by-side with my clients.

Plus, tandem bikes at weddings are awesome.


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