To Teeter or Not To Teeter?

Posh Spice, fabulous as always, at the Royal Wedding in April. She's exempt from this post since she can rock heels while super duper pregnant, and I'd have it no other way.

For anyone who has read a fashion magazine in the last few years, it seems like heels continue to test the limits of foot- (and balance-) related reality.   Bridal shoes (or, more accurately, shoes-that-brides-wear, since “bridal shoes” has a particular, and in my opinion, not-very-chic, connotation) are no exception.  As a short person, I have long been a fan of big shoes, and lord knows I have a few pairs that look a lot like these in my closet.   But when I moved to New York, I really embraced the simple elegance and practicality of a ballet flat.  Since I’m not a high powered executive (…yet), I rely on public transportation and walking(!) to get to where I need to go.  Five or six inch heels are usually not part of that equation.

Weddings are no exception.  Although we’d all like to pretend the bride and groom get to spend the day floating on a cloud and drinking champagne, in reality, weddings involve a lot of time on your feet.  The ceremony involves standing,* greeting guests involves standing, walking around from table to table being a good host involves a lot of standing and navigating through tight quarters, and of course, nearly every wedding involves dancing.  Lots of dancing.  And I really hate to see brides starting to falter after a few hours of teetering on impossibly high (but always incredibly fabulous) heels.

So for those of you with the wherewithal (and means) to rock a six-inch-high Louboutin for 9 hours on your wedding day, more power to you (also, can I borrow them sometime?).  For the rest of us, by the power vested in me as a wedding planner, I declare that brides are no longer under any obligation to wear heels on their special day.  If you’re loving the glitz of the Louboutin above, why not try this ballet flat? Cheaper and still super fun and sparkly. For the more retro springtime bride, I think that these light blue peep-toe shoes (with a tiny little heel!) are adorable, and add a little pop of color under a white dress.

Whatever you choose, make sure you’re comfortable!

*Note: Catholic and Anglican brides get to kneel for part of the ceremony.  Although this might seem enviable, before you rush out to convert, remember that kneeling brings its own dress-related problems.   

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