Let’s Talk Decor: Wednesday Edition

How cute is this?! I can't even type something witty because I'm so overcome by cuteness.

I’m going to come right out and say it: I LOVE thematic party favors at a wedding.  I know it can be a little kitschy, and some people think it’s overkill to provide party favors to guests after throwing, well, a giant party, but I absolutely, positively squeeeee over cute party favors.  The one thing I’m seeing more of recently is the idea of providing a breakfast to your guests as they’re leaving.  I love the thought of providing guests something to munch on after the party (even if they can’t wait until breakfast the next morning, ahem*), and if it’s miniature or in some kind of cute package, all the better!

I’ve seen couples put together baskets of muffins and local jam (sample pictured, from Martha Stewart Weddings, of course!), little boxes of “hangover helpers” with bagels and ground specialty coffee, or even gift boxes with a mini panettone and the weekend New York Times!

Favors can, of course, come in all shapes and sizes.  But I’ve found that the most exciting and appreciated presents are those that are useful, and what’s more useful than food? Even if a cute party favor like cheese and crackers will be gone by the end of the wedding weekend, I’ve always felt that they are the most appreciated (and often the most remembered).

What neat favors have you seen at weddings recently?

*I’m reminded of when I was a bridesmaid in my cousin’s wedding, and took home all sorts of snacks (she had candy and popcorn and other goodies in giant clear, glass cookie jars and cellophane bags to bring home the loot) that never made it to breakfast the next morning.  Josh and I had quite a feast at our hotel room that night! 

[Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings


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