Weddings For All: Part II

Have I mentioned that I'm a sucker for red at a wedding? I know, the opposite of traditional, but red is just so sassy!

As (legal) same-sex weddings start to heat up in NY (note: NY couples can now pre-register in advance of July 24th for marriage licenses!) I’ve been thinking a lot about “what this means,” beyond the obvious (happy people of all genders get to be legally married, duh).  The less obvious thing that I realized I’m most looking forward to, however, is the slow integration of the concept of “gay marriage” into just, well, marriage.

Obviously, this historic legislation is an amazing victory, and until the rest of the country catches up, same-sex weddings will continue to be a “thing-that-must-be-discussed.”  But I’m hoping, sooner rather than later (at least in NY) weddings will just be weddings, and the gender of the couple will be considered a factor, a detail, much like the couple’s religion or cultural background.

No sooner did I have this thought, I came across this lovely post on A Practical Wedding.  It’s a long-ish read (by blog standards, anyway) but totally worth it.  Not only are the brides absolutely adorable (red shrug with a wedding dress? so cute; also check out the handmade bouquets), but the writer really expresses what I’ve been feeling — in much more eloquent words, of course!  To quote the bride:

“Once we stopped thinking of our wedding as a ‘gay wedding’ and started see it for what it really was, OUR wedding, everything fell into place.”

I think that says it all.  So to all the couples (of all stripes) out there thinking about getting engaged, please remember that your wedding is going to be just that:YOUR wedding.  Indulge in the happy, tingly, exciting romance of wedding planning, and don’t feel constrained by irrelevant titles.

Happy Planning!

[Photo courtesy of Ultimate California Weddings]


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