Aaaaand We’re Back

Hi Folks!  Sorry it’s been forever since my last post – high wedding season and all – but I return to you with an amazing post about HARRY POTTER.  For those of you who don’t know, I’m something of an HP fanatic.  The books came out while I was still relatively young and as I’ve become an adult, they’ve grown up right alongside me.  I have so many wonderful memories of reading the first few books as a tween, wishing that I could go to Hogwarts instead of my stupid, stinky public school.  And even though I’m a full-fledged adult now (most of the time), I still love the magic and whimsy of J.K. Rowling’s creations.  So when I came across this post about Harry Potter-themed weddings, I realized I just to HAD to share it with the rest of the wedding world.

The Marauder's Map is my favorite!

Now, there are some detractors who think a  Harry Potter-themed wedding is “tacky” or “cheesy” (my own significant other seemed a lot less taken with this idea than I was) but I think the weddings featured are adorable!  You would definitely have to be careful about who was invited (nobody wants a Debbie-Downer-Harry-Potter-Hater at that wedding!) but I think, for example, the details shown at the right are adorable.  The wedding program is created to look like the Marauder’s Map! Owl statutes on the gift table! My co-worker and I have already started spinning out further ideas: make it a destination wedding weekend at an old European castle with organized activities (muggle quiditch, dueling, chess tournaments) and have the wedding itself reminiscent of the Yule Ball in Book 4.  Okay I might be veering a little bit too far into “Halloween Costume Party” territory with these ideas, but I’m just so delighted by this idea.

What about you, readers? What do you think?



One thought on “Aaaaand We’re Back

  1. Wow. And wow again. I must say, a Harry Potter themed wedding would be a dream come true, literally. I dream about this kind of thing. Unfortunately, I’m not yet engaged, but on the bright side, that gives me a lot of time to plan for such an extravagant event. I plan to begin the wedding fun with a bachelorette party in Orlando, Florida…I mean, duh. Oh, and the officiator will definitely have to wave his or her wand to consecrate the ceremony. I only wish I knew how to brew up a potion to make someone propose…

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