TGI(almost)F: Specialty Cocktails

For those of you who know me, you know I loooove a specialty cocktail.  In fact, I’m drinking a (very homemade/kind of poorly executed) dirty martini (pickle juice instead of olive!) right now as I type this on my couch.  So when my co-worker and I met with clients today who were interested in serving only specialty cocktails (plus beer and wine, of course) at their wedding, my ears perked up! The bride wanted to have a champagne cocktail that was just a sugar cube, soaked with a few dashes of bitters and then covered in champagne.  The effect looks something like this:

My two favorite things: Chanel and champagne!

The groom, who had connections to Hennessy, requested two cognac cocktails: cognac and ginger ale, and a cognac old fashion.  All I could think was, “how do I get invited as a guest to this wedding??”

Although some people bristle at the idea of a “stunted” open bar, I think having beer, wine and one or two signature liquor (or champagne!) drinks really gives something for everyone.  Besides the fact that people rarely ever complain about anything when given booze and food, people REALLY don’t complain if you have a couple cocktails thrown in there.  It’s a really great way to be generous without breaking the bank!


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