Honeyfund? More like HoneyFUN!

One question that I find couples often ask their planner about is where to register.  I always think that’s a funny question because I’ve been thinking about a registry since I was very young.  Let me clarify: I’m not someone who has been thinking about weddings since a small child.  I didn’t really think about weddings one way or another until about 2 years ago.  BUT I have always been enthralled with the idea of a registry – I love love love chotchkes for the kitchen (the wall of kitchen tools at BB&B is my idea of heaven) and the notion that I could just sweep into Sur La Table  and get everything I want was always enchanting.  So many spatulas! Miniature creuset!

Ahem, sorry…got a little off-track there.  What I’m trying to say is, I think it’s funny when couples haven’t thought much about a registry.  But, with many of today’s modern couples living together before getting married, they often have nearly everything they need for the kitchen.  So what, pray tell, do modern couples need?

Who doesn't need a vacation to Bali??

The Answer: A Honeymoon! And that’s where Honeyfund comes in! Honeyfund is a free honeymoon registry site, where couples can register for specific items either for a honeymoon (covering airfare costs, a night in a hotel, romantic dinner, snorkeling lessons) or non-honeymoon essentials like remodeling a home or a down-payment on a house.  The great thing about Honeyfund is that while it is essentially a system to allow folks to give the couple cash, guests “buy” specific items so they can feel a part of the couple’s special trip.

I would take a trip to the Amalfi Coast as well!

Honeyfund even has a function to track gifts and even track thank you notes, so that you can make sure that Uncle Louis knows how much you appreciated that pottery-making class in Australia that he bought for you!

Happy registering!

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