Gifts for the Engaged

Having just gotten through the holidays, I realized how hard it can be to buy (non-wedding) gifts for couples who are engaged.  Although I love buying gifts for the home, getting an engaged couple homewares for Christmas, Hannukah or a birthday can seem like an awkward jumpstart on the wedding registry.  So I started thinking, what does an engaged couple want? What is a gift that can be useful for the wedding planning and still relevant during the marriage?

Enter, coffee table books.  Not just any coffee table books, but rather books about things that have to do with weddings.  I’m thinking of books like this: Guide to Contemporary New York City Architecture.  It’s both a beautiful book to have in the home, and can provide real inspiration for the couple as they try to think about wedding locations.  Or what about Botany Illustrated? This book provides all you’ve ever wanted to know about flowers (and were too afraid to ask) so that meetings with your florist will be a breeze.  After the wedding, the books can be used to aid in home gardening, or just a nice reference book to keep around the house.


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