Fun and Fancy Shoes

While wedding dress shopping with my sister over the holidays (spoiler alert: we found one!!) I realized how much I love brightly colored shoes under traditional wedding dresses.  I know that earlier in the summer I declared that brides don’t have to wear heels to their wedding, but truth be told, lots of brides continue to wear heels at least for part of the event.  Matching shoes to the general color scheme can be a great way to incorporate some color into your outfit, and to match with either the flowers, the bridesmaids or your groom!

Not only do these pumps add a fun pop of color, they are also way more reusable than regular white satin shoes.  And although red shoes under a white wedding dress might seem a little, ahem, strong, for the right bride it can be really great.

For those brides that are being married outside (on grass, in a forest, on the beach) wearing regular pumps is a dangerous proposition.  No one wants their walk down the aisle to involve getting a heel stuck in the ground while trying to be graceful and demure! Flats are obviously a great option in these cases, but for those who want (or need) a little height, wedges can also be an awesome choice.  My own mother, who got married in a backyard, wore an amazing pair of wedges (ahhh the ’70s) to go with her incredibly hilarious hippie dress.

The best thing about wedges, is that they aren’t just for outdoor and daytime events.  The sparkly Jimmy Choo’s above work just as well inside at a chic, evening event as they do the in a beautiful garden.  The nautical-themed wedges above are my absolute favorite for casual wedding a yacht club.

Happy shoe shopping!

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