Warm, Glowing Reception Tables

Obviously, everyone loves candles at a wedding reception.  Besides the fact that they’re beautiful and romantic, the soft, warm glow of candlelight makes everyone look great.  Recently, more and more couples are opting for long banquet tables, instead of 10-person rounds, which create more of a high-end dinner party feel.  Long banquet tables just beg for tall, elegant taper candles in vintage candelabras and candle holders.

While I absolutely love the look that these mixed candles provide, open flames are often prohibited in conventional wedding venues.  If you’re interested in the style of tall, taper candles, but aren’t allowed (or don’t want to risk) open flames on the table, there are some great LED options.  I know there are a lot of LED-candle naysayers (myself included, sometimes) but there are some very nice ones, made of real wax with the faux flame hidden.  These provide the same candle glow, without the hassle of flames!



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