Let’s Talk Decor: Thursday Edition

Last summer I posted about using potted plants and succulents as centerpieces.  While I still wholeheartedly approve of doing that, a new trend has taken the Brooklyn wedding world by storm: terrariums.  Terrariums have started gaining popularity in recent years, with local vendors selling them at the Brooklyn Flea for the past few years.  But it’s only in the last year or so that couples have begun seeing them as an amazing and intricate replacement for a more traditional centerpiece.

Some florists will make terrariums as part of a general wedding flower package, but if you’re in New York, why not go to a professional? Shops like Sprout Home in Williamsburg and Twig Terrariums (sold at numerous Brooklyn shops) specialize in stunning and creative terrariums that are sure to delight your guests.  Plus, they make really amazing party favors at the end of the night.

Sprout Home also provides classes on DIY terrariums, so you and your partner can go and learn how to make them for your wedding (or just for your home)!

Happy planting!



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