While vintage themes and items are nothing new in the wedding world, mismatched china is still a welcome and beautiful surprise at a wedding.  The average caterer and rental company will give you basic restaurant white dishes, sometimes with a colored band around the edge or even odd shapes or textures.  But it’s very difficult to find a conventional rental company that can provide the homey, personalized look of mismatched china on a formal dining table.

Achieving this look by yourself can be a fun and enjoyable DIY project! Couples will find many china options at flea markets and thrift stores for next to nothing.  This can be rewarding, and gives the couple the opportunity to personalize their dish options.  For those couples that don’t have the time, energy or interest to assemble hundreds of plates on their own time can turn to new vintage china rental companies.  These small businesses have capitalized on the growing vintage trend and have taken the hard work and hassle out of mismatched china and vintage stemware for weddings.  Check out companies like Rent Vintage China or Something Borrowed Vintage in the tri-state area for more details!



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