Nontraditional Cakes

Even though apparently English and American weddings are all the rage in France these days, I’m still totally in love with traditional French desserts at weddings.  French weddings, until recently, didn’t include the usual tiered wedding cake.  Instead, they had croquembouche, an amazing tiered confection of creme-filled pastry puffs, sometimes dipped in chocolate, and piled high, held together by caramel.  I’ve never been a huge cake person, so croquembouche has always seemed like a divine way to buck American tradition.  Plus, no frantic kitchen cake-cutting by the caterer after the ceremonial cake cutting – guests can just grab what they want!

When I was in Paris a few years back, I was introduced to the French macaron.  They’re all the rage now in NYC and elsewhere (seriously, go to Bouchon Bakery and get one if you ever get the chance) but they’re just now starting to crop up at weddings.  I absolutely LOVE the idea of a French macaron cake.  It’s like a croquembouche, but a little more whimsical and a little less sticky:

Again, guests can dig in as soon as you’ve done a cake cutting (or in this case, a grab-a-macaron-and-feed-it-to-each-other) and it looks soooo pretty, and not at all expected.  It’s sort of the same idea as a cupcake tree, but fresher and (in my personal opinion) way more delicious. There are a ton of amazing bakeries in NYC that make them, including kosher bakeries!  So go forth, and serve nontraditional desserts at your wedding – trust me, your guests will love it.

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