Elizabeth started out in the world of public policy and criminal justice, but has always had secret love of weddings and parties.  After graduating from UCLA, she moved to Brooklyn and fell in love with the food and cultural scene in NYC’s best borough.  After spending years in public policy planning corporate conferences, Elizabeth decided it was time to bring together her love of event planning with her love of weddings.  She now runs her own wedding and event planning company, tandem weddings & events, which focuses on helping hip NY couples plan unconventional weddings.

Why ‘tandem weddings’? Because Elizabeth doesn’t like wedding planners that take everything into their own hands and create their own wedding with no input from the client.  In reaction to the ever-more-extreme wedding extravaganzas with millions of production professionals, Elizabeth promised herself that she would only create tandem weddings.  Side-by-side with her clients.  Plus, tandem bikes at weddings are awesome.